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China factory 12018 Aluminum Case Steel Sprocket Kc Chain Coupling

Product Description


Product Description

Product name

Chain coupling


Carbon steel material


Roller chain+sprocket+cover


KC3012, KC4012, KC4014, KC4016, KC5014, KC5016, KC5018, KC6018, KC6571, KC6571, KC8018, KC8571, KC8571, KC1571,

KC12018, KC12571, KC16018, KC16571, KC20018, KC20571, KC24026

Other type

Flexible coupling


Shaft transmission


High performance, light weight, convenient assembly

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ZheJiang Haorongshengye Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

1. Was founded in 2008
2. Our Principle:

“Credibility Supremacy, and Customer First”
3. Our Promise:

“High quality products, and Excellent Service”
4. Our Value:

“Being Honesty, Doing the Best, and Long-lasting Development”
5. Our Aim:

“Develop to be a leader in the power transmission parts industry in the world”

6.Our services:

1).Competitive price

2).High quality products

3).OEM service or can customized according to your drawings

4).Reply your inquiry in 24 hours

5).Professional technical team 24 hours online service

6).Provide sample service

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chain coupling

Can chain couplings be used in high-speed applications?

Chain couplings can be used in certain high-speed applications, but there are limitations and considerations that need to be taken into account. The suitability of chain couplings for high-speed applications depends on factors such as the specific design of the coupling, the chosen chain type, and the operating conditions. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Coupling Design: The design of the chain coupling plays a crucial role in determining its suitability for high-speed applications. High-speed chain couplings typically incorporate features that minimize vibration, reduce stress concentrations, and ensure smooth operation. Couplings designed for high-speed use may have additional balancing or damping mechanisms to counteract potential issues associated with centrifugal forces and resonance.
  • Chain Type: The type of chain used in the coupling can affect its performance at high speeds. In general, roller chains are commonly used in chain couplings. However, for high-speed applications, special high-speed roller chains or other chain types designed for increased rotational speeds may be required. These chains are designed to minimize friction, reduce wear, and handle the centrifugal forces associated with high-speed operation.
  • Bearing Selection: Proper bearing selection is critical for high-speed chain couplings. The bearings used in the coupling should be capable of handling the anticipated speeds and dynamic loads. High-quality, precision bearings with appropriate lubrication are typically necessary to ensure smooth operation and minimize the risk of premature failure.
  • Balancing and Vibration: High-speed chain couplings should be properly balanced to minimize vibration and ensure stable operation. Imbalances in rotating components can lead to increased noise, excessive stress, and reduced service life. Balancing techniques such as dynamic balancing or the use of counterweights may be employed to achieve smooth and reliable operation.
  • Lubrication: Adequate lubrication is crucial for high-speed chain couplings to minimize friction, reduce wear, and dissipate heat effectively. Proper lubrication practices, including the use of high-quality lubricants and regular maintenance, should be followed to ensure optimal performance and prevent premature failure.

Despite these considerations, it’s important to note that chain couplings may have practical limitations in terms of maximum allowable speeds. The specific speed limitations will depend on factors such as the coupling design, chain type, size, and the operating conditions. It is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines to determine the maximum recommended speed for a particular chain coupling.

In certain high-speed applications where chain couplings may not be suitable, alternative coupling types such as flexible disc couplings, gear couplings, or elastomeric couplings specifically designed for high-speed applications may be more appropriate. These couplings are engineered to handle the challenges associated with high rotational speeds, offering improved balance, reduced vibration, and higher speed capabilities.

Overall, when considering the use of chain couplings in high-speed applications, it is essential to carefully evaluate the specific requirements, consult with the manufacturer, and ensure that the coupling is designed and selected to operate safely and reliably at the desired speeds.

chain coupling

Can chain couplings accommodate angular misalignment?

Yes, chain couplings are designed to accommodate a certain degree of angular misalignment between the connected shafts. Angular misalignment refers to the situation where the axes of the two shafts are not perfectly aligned and form an angle with each other.

Chain couplings are flexible in nature, and their design allows for some degree of angular displacement. The flexibility is primarily provided by the roller chain, which can bend and adjust to a certain extent to accommodate the misalignment. This flexibility helps to reduce the stress on the coupling components and allows for smoother operation even in the presence of angular misalignment.

However, it is important to note that chain couplings have limitations in terms of angular misalignment. Excessive angular misalignment beyond the specified limits can lead to increased stress, accelerated wear, and potential coupling failure. The manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines should be followed to ensure that the angular misalignment remains within the acceptable range for the specific chain coupling being used.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the chain coupling are also essential to identify and address any misalignment issues. If significant angular misalignment is detected, corrective measures should be taken, such as realigning the shafts or considering alternative coupling options that are better suited for the specific misalignment requirements.

It is worth mentioning that chain couplings are more tolerant of angular misalignment compared to some other types of couplings, such as rigid or gear couplings. However, it is still important to strive for proper alignment during installation and minimize any excessive misalignment to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity of the chain coupling and the connected machinery or equipment.

chain coupling

What are the advantages of using chain couplings?

  • Flexible and Reliable Connection: Chain couplings provide a flexible and reliable connection between rotating shafts. They can accommodate misalignment between the shafts, including angular, parallel, and axial misalignments. This flexibility helps to reduce stress on the shafts and bearings, resulting in smoother operation and extended equipment lifespan.

  • High Torque Capacity: Chain couplings are capable of transmitting high torque loads. The positive engagement between the sprocket teeth and the chain rollers allows for efficient power transfer, making them suitable for applications that require the transmission of substantial rotational forces.

  • Mechanical Protection: Chain couplings act as mechanical protection by providing a breakable link in the power transmission system. In case of sudden overloads or jams in the system, the chain can break, preventing damage to the machinery components. This feature helps to protect expensive equipment and minimizes downtime for repairs.

  • Misalignment Compensation: Chain couplings can compensate for misalignment between the connected shafts. They can tolerate angular misalignment, where the shafts are not perfectly aligned at an angle, parallel misalignment, where the shafts are offset from each other, and axial misalignment, which refers to displacement along the axis of the shafts. This ability to accommodate misalignment helps to prevent excessive stress and premature wear on the shafts and bearings.

  • Wide Range of Applications: Chain couplings are versatile and find applications in various industries and machinery. They are used in conveyors, pumps, crushers, mixers, industrial drives, and many other systems. The ability to handle different torque requirements, speed variations, and misalignment conditions makes chain couplings suitable for a wide range of power transmission needs.

  • Easy Maintenance: Chain couplings are relatively easy to maintain. Regular lubrication of the chain and sprockets helps to reduce friction and wear, ensuring smooth operation and extending the life of the coupling. Maintenance tasks such as chain tensioning and inspection can be carried out without requiring complex tools or specialized training.

In summary, the advantages of using chain couplings include their flexible and reliable connection, high torque capacity, ability to compensate for misalignment, mechanical protection, wide range of applications, and ease of maintenance. These features make chain couplings a preferred choice in various industries where efficient power transmission and reliable operation are vital.

China factory 12018 Aluminum Case Steel Sprocket Kc Chain Coupling  China factory 12018 Aluminum Case Steel Sprocket Kc Chain Coupling
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Aluminum price made in China – replacement parts – in Sylhet Bangladesh Shell Chain Sprocket Coupling Kc5018 with top quality

Aluminum  price  made in China - replacement parts -  in Sylhet Bangladesh  Shell Chain Sprocket Coupling Kc5018 with top quality

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with 5 diverse branches. For more details: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

Merchandise Description

     The roller chain coupling is a  EPT of amazingly easy design. It is made up of a combination of 1 coupling chain and a pair of coupling sprockets. Versatile and robust, the  roller chain coupling is suited for a wide range of coupling programs.
     Roller chain coupling can utilised for the environment which with high temperature, wet and filthy conditions. It is not appropriate for the occasion which is in higher velocity and with sturdy influence load. Roller chain coupling must working with exceptional lubrication and safety include situations. 
The frequent chain coupling contains double roller chain coupling, one row roller chain coupling, tooth condition chain coupling, nylon chain coupling. Its scale is compact and its fat is light. But roller chain coupling do not have high necessity to installation precision. 
     Generally speaking, it is typically in lengthy service daily life. Production line equipment for various sorts of frozen foods and dehydrated veggies should transportation by stainless steel chain. Roller chains are extensively utilized to home, industrial and agricultural equipment, consists of conveyor, drawing equipment, printing machine, automobile Mobile: +86~13 0571 88828, motorcycle and bicycle.

Major Characteristics
one.Simple framework,easy assembly and disassembly.
two.Gentle fat,and lengthy support lifestyle.
3.Have a certain capacity to compensate for installation less precision.
four.Suitable for large temperature,damp and dusty industrial environment.
five.Can not for large speed,violent vibration.

Techncial Day

KASIN No. Chain Variety d L G S D H C Bodyweight/Kg A B Casing Fat/Kg
3012 06B-2 × 12 12~sixteen 64.8 29.8 five.2 35 forty five 10.two .31 sixty nine sixty three .22
4012 40-2 × 12 12~22 79.four 36 7.four 35 sixty two 14.4 .seventy three seventy seven 72 .three
4014 40-2 × 14 12~28 79.4 36 7.four forty three 69 fourteen.four 1.12 eighty four seventy five .31
4016 40-2 × 16 14~32 87.4 40 7.four 50 77 fourteen.four one.5 92 seventy two .35
5014 50-2 × 14 fifteen~35 ninety nine.seven 45 9.seven fifty five 86 18.one two.fifteen a hundred and one eighty five .forty seven
5016 50-2 × 16 16~forty ninety nine.seven forty five 9.7 62 ninety three 18.1 two.seventy five one hundred ten 87 .five
5018 50-2 × 18 sixteen~forty five 99.seven 45 9.7 70 106 18.1 3.6 122 eighty five .6
6018 sixty-2 × 18 twenty~56 123.5 fifty six 11.five 85 127 22.eight 6.55 147 105 one.2
6571 sixty-2 × 20 20~sixty 123.five fifty six 11.five 100 139 22.8 eight.38 158 105 one.six
6571 sixty-2 × 22 twenty~71 123.five 56 11.5 a hundred and ten 151 22.eight 10.4 168 117 one.eight
8018 80-2 × 18 20~eighty 141.2 sixty three fifteen.2 110 169 29.three 13.2 190 129 two.five
8571 80-2 × 20 twenty~90 a hundred forty five.two sixty five 15.two one hundred twenty 185 29.3 sixteen.two 210 137 2.9
8571 eighty-2 × 22 20~one hundred 157.two seventy one fifteen.two a hundred and forty 202 29.three 21.eight 226 137 3.six
1571 one hundred-2 × 22 sixty five~110 178.8 eighty eighteen.eight 162 233 38.eight 32.4 281 153 4.six
12018 120-2 × 18 35~125 202.7 90 22.seven one hundred seventy 256 45.four forty three.two 307 181 six.2
12571 a hundred and twenty-2 × 22 35~140 222.7 one hundred 22.7 210 304 forty five.four sixty nine.one 357 181 8.one

Associated Products 

                           NM Coupling                                                          Curved Jaw Coupling                                          FCL Coupling                                                   



About Us

Kasin group was proven in 1989, and its fir EPT product is casting carrier trolley for power & free conveyor method. In 1995, EPT purchased HangZhou Guoping Forging Manufacturing unit (LYGP), a marketer of forging bolts & nuts to power & free line market in china. With this acquisition, EPT positioned itself as one of significant elements suppliers of monorail and electricity & free conveyor technique in china.

In 2005, H&H Corp., a professional producer of large measurement conveyor chain, was bought a portion as sharehould by Kasin, and worked as export window to all over the world, especially bucket elevator chain, sugar mill chain, welded mill scaper chain.

In 2015, EPT set up by itself machinery business/ EPT equipment(ZheJiang )Co.,Ltd., made fleixible coupling, eg: FCL Coupling, NM Coupling, Curved Jaw Coupling, Chain Coupling andJaw Coupling.

These days, EPT is a single of the bigge EPT professional speciali EPT of EPT Class EPT Chain, Drop Solid Rivetless Chain,  Forged Chain, Sugar Mill Chain, Bucket EPT Chain, Adaptable Couplings and a hundred% to oversea industry, covering Japan, U.S. and Europ and so forth.
With the certificate of ISO 9001 and GB/T 19001, EPT offer best high quality items at the reasonable value, to earn-acquire circumstance in prolonged-terms cooperation, adhering to the slogan: “FIR EPT TIME, Each TIME”.

Our mission is to offer highe EPT high quality merchandise at the be EPT feasible cost. And in performing so, to provide an unmatched consumer expertise and to construct consumer tru EPT and pleasure. Sincere, Quality, Effective, Creating, Safety the five crucial components constituting KASIN, which is the essential motto for all of the EPT workers. As a result, we hold striving to develop a corporate system that is extremely appreciated and we hope that you carry on to pick and use EPT goods with pride and gratification.



Our Support

one. The concerns about the coupling will be answered in 24 hrs.

2.  Update the procession of manufacturing.

three. Our skilled engineer can solution specialized questions,aid you solve technical problems and   help you pick the mo EPT appropriate solution in accordance to your requirment.

four. Warranty twelve months: Totally free replacement of faulty products in 12 months.

Packing Detai EPT & Delivery

Internal Packing: Carton, Normal export packing or In accordance to customer’s necessity

Outer packing: wood circumstances or According to customer’s requirement


Q: Are you trading company or maker ?

A: We are professionally maker in China and very own ourself Forging & Casting-workshop, warmly welcome to go to our factory  at any time.

Q: How lengthy is your shipping time?

A: Normally it is 5-ten days if the items are in inventory. or it is fifteen-25 times if the goods are not in stock, it is in accordance to quantity.

Q: Do you supply samples ? is it cost-free or extra ?

A: Of course, it really is offered for EPT to post sample for approval free of charge of demand, even so it’s EPT regulation: for new potentioal client, sample is totally free but buyer is responsilble for logistic charge.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: a hundred%T/T Just before cargo following inspect nicely

If you have an EPT question, p EPT truly feel free of charge to contact us as beneath:

EPT Industries(ZheJiang ) Co.,Ltd.

No.989,Guoshun Road, ZheJiang FengPu Industrial Park,
FengXian District, ZheJiang , P.R.China, 201400

Tel: 86~571-8822571/8822 0571 -57152031              Fax: 0086-571-88220971: 86~571-8822571/8822 0571 -57152030


We – EPG Team the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears factory in China with 5 different branches. For far more particulars: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828 The use of first equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) component quantities or logos , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference reasons only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our company and the listed substitute parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.

Aluminum  price  made in China - replacement parts -  in Sylhet Bangladesh  Shell Chain Sprocket Coupling Kc5018 with top quality

Aluminum  price  made in China - replacement parts -  in Sylhet Bangladesh  Shell Chain Sprocket Coupling Kc5018 with top quality

Aluminum  price  made in China - replacement parts -  in Sylhet Bangladesh  Shell Chain Sprocket Coupling Kc5018 with top quality